Providing beautiful eyelash extension services that are pain-free, lightweight, and SAFE for natural eyelashes.


If you are a busy woman trying to simplify your life, shorten your makeup routine, always look fresh, and look professional 24/7 come visit Chuchy Lash eyelash studio for a relaxing lash appointment. Our ultra-soft lash bed is where you can undergo an instant transformation while taking a nap or listening to calming music. You will wake up with the lashes of your dreams and stress free.

We offer different lash extension styles that will compliment your eyes while maintaining your natural lash health and lash lifts that will eliminate the need for a lash curler. Every set is customized according to eye shape, natural lashes, and facial features.


volume eyelash extensions

Struggling with runny mascara? Need more time in the morning and want to always look ready?

lash lift

Hating the eyelash curler?  Want to enhance your natural lashes ?

eyelash extensions training

Want to be your own boss? Build a successful business in a growing and ever-changing industry? 

lash artist in baraboo

I love boosting women's self confidence through the art of eyelash extensions.

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“I absolute love Chuchy Lash. She is so educated and she is always taking new classes to stay up to date on lash techniques which I appreciate. Her lashes make such a difference in my life with my confidence. I used to never feel confident without doing mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and with my lashes I need none of it! Even my fiancé said he likes when I have them cause I get ready so much faster in the morning. ” 

Jordan S. (Hair stylist )

Russian volume lashes
Russian volume lashes

mega volume eyelash extensions
mega volume eyelash extensions

lash lift and tint
lash lift and tint

Russian volume lashes
Russian volume lashes


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