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The CLASSIC set offers a single eyelash extension on a single natural lash. A variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curls will be used to provide the most flattering lashes to your unique eye shape.


Whether you desire to enhance what you already have or give your eyes a "mascara look." Think of this set as the perfect lengthening and volumizing mascara and a lash curler all in one!

Full set: Up to 2  hours 

classic lashes


Not sure if Volume or Classic is right for you? Why not try them both? This is where most people start as it is a great blend of length and fullness. Giving you more than just the "Mascara Look" of Classic, it also gives lashes some depth and texture giving you the look of eyeliner and mascara combined! Fullness varies depending on natural lashes.

Full set: 2  hours 30 minutes

hybrid lashes


Volume set is the most popular! Volume eyelash extensions are anywhere from 2-6 very light and thin extensions applied to a single natural lash in the shape of a fan. Each fan is handmade during the appointment; this is why it takes longer than a Classic set. This method can be lighter on the natural lash than a single Classic extension and is excellent for those who have weak, brittle, or damaged natural lashes. We can customize the weight and number of extensions to be the healthiest for your natural lash. This set is also ideal for those who have great natural lashes but are used to wearing many eye makeup or strip lashes. This look can give you a dark, dense lash line, a soft look for daily wear, or anything in between! 

Full set: 3 hours 

volume eyelash extensions

Mega Volume

If you like a full dense lash line, then MEGA VOLUME  eyelash extensions are for you. 8-15 handmade fans are used made of lightweight lashes. Ideal for clients looking for a dramatic, dense, and fluffy look. Great for special events. 

Full set: 3 hours 30 minutes

Snapseed (2).jpg

Lash Lift & Tint 

Lash lifts take the natural eyelashes and perm them with a soft or dramatic curl that makes the eyelashes look longer and thicker! Black color tint is applied to make them appear dark, giving a  mascara effect. They last 4-6 weeks, so you do not need to use eyelash curler again... you wake up and go.

Full set: 1 hour 30 minutes 

lash lift and tint
Lash Lift

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